Skye Suwanee Town Center is a seamless extension of Suwanee Town Center, the undisputed heart and soul of the community. Blending perfectly in both look and feel, Skye Suwanee Town Center attains an instant cohesiveness with the surrounding neighborhood. Simply step outside and you’ll find yourself in a dynamic, wide-open, vibrant environment with a unique character all its own. Enjoy the green lushness of the amazing 10-acre park and amphitheater, home to year-round concerts, festivals and more. Explore retail gems and one-of-a-kind boutiques. Discover new tastes to savor at a host of casual and fine dining restaurants. It’s all here, with more on the way, thanks to an additional 25-acre city park on the horizon. Simply put, everything just comes together at Skye Suwanee Town Center.